Moon Clip Holders


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Our moon clip holders are constructed using a Frame and a Post(s). These holders are used for holding loaded moon clips.

With easy application, we assure you that your moon clips are secure and will not go anywhere.

There is also a loop included on the back of the holder that will attach to your belt, making it easy to access for rapid reloads.

This loop opening is designed for belts 1 1/2 " tall and 1/4" thick.

There are two different height options to chose from: Tall Post(s) (38/357) or Short Post(s) (45 ACP/40 S&W/9 MM).

We also have two different formats of frames: Single Frames or Dual Frames. A single frame contains one post, that will hold 2 loaded moon clips stacked on top of each other along the post. A dual frame contains two posts, that will hold 2 loaded moon clips on each post, holding 4 all together.

With the dimensions of the moon clip holder frame and post(s), it is built to hold any size of cartridges.

There are standard Moon Clip Holder part numbers for the S&W 45 ACP, S&W 610, S&W 627, 8 shot in 38/357 or 38 Super/9 MM, and S&W 686+ 7 shot

revolvers. If you need a custom combination, you can also purchase the Frame(s) and Post(s) separately.

**If you have moon clips from a different manufacture, they might not fit properly on our standard part numbers. Please call for assistance!**

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