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If you have cartridges with a shorter over all length (45 ACP, 40 S&W, 9 MM, and 38 Super) this Short Holder will hold your loaded moon clips

perfectly. There are two different formats of frames to chose from: Single Post(s) or Dual Post(s). With a single post, 2 loaded moon clips will

fit along the post. With a dual post, 2 loaded moon clips will fit on each post, making this holder, hold a total of 4 loaded moon clips. Your

moon clips will be easy to remove, but at the same time will be held very securely.

**Short Moon Clip Holders are specifically made for cartridges with shorter over all length. Using cartridges with a longer over all length, you

will not be able to fit 2 loaded moon clips on each post, it will leave an unused space at the top of the holder that will slow down your

reloading. For longer over all length cartridges such as; 38 Special and a 357 Magnum, the dimensions of the Tall Moon Clip Holder will give

you the proper fitting.**