Compare Moon Clip Tools

Below is a CAD animation of a typical moon clip tool showing the loading process.  As you can see the lever moves through an arc.  This means the forces applied are never pushing the round directly into the moon clips.  You could change the position cut out that holds the round but accommodate 5 shot, 6 shot , 7 shot and 8 shot moon clips there is never a correct setting.  These are very popular tools but they have their limitations.



Below is a video of the Ultimate Moon Clip Tool.  You can see; by design the pusher is ALWAYS pushing the round directly into the moon clip.  We have patented this design.  This Ultimate Moon Clip Tool only needs 2 types of pushers.  One for straight walled cartridges (45ACP & 9MM) and another for rimmed cartridges (38 spcl & 357 Mag).  The insertion motion is direct and all the forces needed for insertion are greatly reduced.  It works on all moon clips.


And below is a video of our Pocket Moon Clip tool.  Smaller more easily put in a shooting bag.  Again the pusher pushes the cartridge directly into the moon clip.  No rotating or angular forces.  All the effort goes directly to inserting the round.