We are The Revolver Supply Company, LLC.  Located in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico 88049.   Contact Page

We offer supplies and resources for the competitive revolver shooter.  We love shooting revolvers and found that there was not a lot of information available.  We sell useful products and know where you can get parts that we don't sell.

Our business began on 2010, September to be more precise.  With sales growing every year.  We sponsor matches, shoot at matches, have our representatives shooting at many matches.  Our goal is to promote Competitive Revolver shooting.

Our sales are primarily on the internet.  You will find us and our representatives at many of the matches.  Our dealer network is listed here  Dealers

We started this business to provide a source of quality parts, services and information for the competitive revolver shooter.  Check out our Dealers, Resources, and Blog Pages

If you are a competitive revolver shooter, you’ve come to the right place. Located in the “middle of nowhere” New Mexico, we have the perfect location to test all of the great sport shooting items that we sell.

Our business began out of necessity when we realized that there’s not a lot of information available about shooting revolvers for sport. We began to compile a list of products that are the most requested and find resources for products and parts that you need for your firearm.

From finding revolver matches to moon clips, Revolver Supply has everything that the competitive revolver shooter could need for his sport.

A Network Of Dealers

We actually are a big part of promoting the sport of competitive revolver shooting. Our sales are about 90% online, helping customers nationally and internationally to find what they need. Our representatives can be found throughout the United States. We even have a dealer network that you can access right here on our website.

Our goal has always been to provide a source for quality parts, service and information on the sport of competitive revolver shooting. Our business has continued to grow steadily since 2010 when we began this adventure. Growing right along with our business is our network of dealers and resources.

Extensive Resources

Our extensive list of resources includes bullet suppliers, reloading and shooting supplies, crystal replicas, specialty holsters and so much more. We even have places that you can sharpen your shooting skills by completing specialized revolver training with top notch instructors.

You can trust Revolver Supply with your competitive sport revolver needs, as we have the knowledge and resources that you need to excel in your sport.