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Here are some links we've found to be useful.

Not in any particular order.  Some of these links are old and constantly changing.




International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts.


The United States Practical Shooting Association.


I don't always agree with them but they are working for us.

Gun Broker

Buy and sell on the internet.


The International Defensive Pistol Association.


Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms



TK Custom

This is a good place for machining your cylinders. Tom also sells moon clips and other revolver accessories. A competitor of ours and a good guy.


Cowboy Shooting

David Olhasso

Dave offers training along with other parts and services. A good fellow to talk with.

Paul Francis

You know him as BossHoss on all the forums.  Gunsmith for competition revolvers.
  Contact him via the email link.

Bruce Warren

Bruce owns and operates BC Armory.   Great at action jobs, replacing barrels and cylinders. Everything and anything revolver related.  Auto too!

 Mojo Custom Guns

 Another good source for custom revolver work.


Ammo Engine

A great resource to find your ammunition.


Another ammo search engine


And another


Yet another


Bang and Clang LLC

Your best source for lubed and coated Bullets available.  (But we're biased)

 UniqueTek UniqueTek    A supplier for lots of gun related items.






The say the world's largest. I believe them.


Reloading and Shooting Supplies.

Midway USA

Gun Parts as well as Reloading and Shooting Supplies.


The ultimate gateway to gun information. Links to everyone


Holsters, Speed Loaders, SL Holders, Belts. Good Stuff.


Reloading and other shooting products

Target Barn NRA D1 Targets   LINK    Also Stage Design Software     LINK

A good list of readers Handloads. Use with caution and add your loads.



Walls of Steel

A really fun match in the Spring and Summer.


PSA Shootout

A very friendly falling plate match. Lots of good people.

Northeast Shooters

If you're out East here what's going on


A newer revolver forum that I came across.


Bobby Macs

A Specialty Holster Company dedicated to the Sub Nose Revolver.

Snub Nose Revolver Training

A company providing training for the Snub Nose Revolver.

 Power Factor Chart

.Power Factor Chart....Tell us what you think.

 Power Factor Chart 

 That same chart in color



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