Finding Revolver Matches

Big changes coming here.  We are working on a Google Calendar listing all the revolver matches we know of and matches our representatives will be attending.

You will have access to this calendar and can view it and incorporate into your calendars.

Also if you would like Revolver Matches posted please send us a list of the matches. will work.  

Please be patient. Hope to get all this put together by 15 Jan 2017


Several times a year I get asked about finding matches in a shooter's area.  Or perhaps someone is going on vacation and is looking for a match in and about the vacation location.

What would be great is one big revolver match calendar.  But that's an unrealistic goal.  Instead let's write up how to go about finding revolver matches in general.

First I would look at the ICORE and USPSA web pages.  They both list matches and affiliated clubs and from there you should be able to get in touch with some folks that know

what's available.  Also don't forget that Steel Challenge is affiliated with USPSA and fun to shoot with a wheel gun.

The next place I keep an eye out is at the local bulletin boards.  In the Northeast we have: Northeast Shooters  They have a list of matches, discussion about them and a

calendar.  If you are looking in the New England area this is the place to go. 

I recently started following  They are more mid-west oriented.  It's a newer site but give it a try.

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has a places to shoot locator.  NSSF Places to Shoot  I have a little trouble with the mechanics of using it but that's probably me. 

Find the ranges and get in contact with them.  Actually lots of good info at NSSF check it out.

Our friends at the NRA also have that type of finder.  NRA Places to Shoot  Same suggestions as for the NSSF.

 IMPORTANT....If you know of a bulletin board that will give info on revolver matches then let me know and I'll include it here.

Smith & Wesson, Ruger, also have user groups that might shed some light on matches.

I'm ignoring Bulls Eye, NRA and Bianchi Cup matches.  I know nothing about them and perhaps someone could provide some details for me to include.

This leaves out local matches such as pin shoots and steel matches.  Don't know how we find them!!

So, treat this as a start.  Help me out and send in your thoughts on how to find a match.