Sight Adjustments


In the figure above you need to know 3 measurements.

  1. Sight Radius = Distance from rear sight to front sight in inches.
  2. Distance to Target = Distance from front of barrel to target in inches.
  3. Error = Amount of error in inches.

Adjustment in inches = ( Sight Radius * Error ) / Distance to Target.

For example if your revolver shoots 2.5" low at 25 yards (25*36= 900) and your sight radius in 5.00 inches then:

5.0" * 2.5" / 900" = 0.01388888" is the amount to adjust.

Depending on direction of error.

               Front Sight   Rear Sight

Error is LOW     LOWER         RAISE

Error is High    RAISE         LOWER


If you need to These sights are adjustable in the rear. 

If you run out of adjustment and if you need to raise or lower your front sight contact us and we can make suggestions