9MM, 38/357 7 Shot

The 7 shot revolvers from S&W (986 9MM and 686+ 38/378) take a different type of unloading tool.  These revolvers are built on a L frame and have the rounds closer together that an 8 shot revolver.  If you try to use an unloader made for an 8 shot (N frame) revolver, you have to force the unloader on the first round bending the moon clip.  Not Good.


We set out to design an unloading tool to solve this problem.  And we did just that.  Next decision was how long to make the tube.  Longer might be better but will cost more in material.  We ended up with a tube lenght of approx 6 inches.  This will hold 8 9MM cases that are empty.  You have to do the math on how many short colt cases it will hold.


Our mission was to make a 7 shot unloader and we did just that.  No bending moon clips.

We stretched the length to hold 8 empty 9MM cases and it does. 

We tried to keep the costs down to save you money.  Also Done

Here's a picture of the tube, the handle , a ruler and 8 empty 9MM cases.


If you want to add extra length, don't put the handle on all the way.