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With this new design come new features.  Here's a few:

  1. We've added payment options.  PayPal along with other Credit Card processing options.
  2. You can find products in a couple of ways:
    • Search by keyword located at the top of the page.
    • Through the menu located on the left side of the page.
  3. The menu system will show products in duplicate areas.  So if you're looking for Speed Loaders you'll come across the 10 shot 22 loaders by following the Speed Loader menu.  But if you're looking in the Rim Fire menu area they will also appear.
  4. We've added Priority Mail as a shipping option.  Many times you have asked for a rush shipment and now we can make it easier to provide that service.
  5. We've added Gift Certificates.  They were available at matches on the prize tables but now you can purchase one for your BFF.
  6. The new system lets you create an account, keep personal information and has other features like making wish lists.
  7. You can now leave feedback about our products and services.  Let us know how we're doing.

I hope you find this site easy to use, and by all means let us know what you think and how we may improve it.

 Everything is in stock and proudly...



Mail Order Form:

Here's a LINK  

If you find a product on the web site but not on the mail order form, just write it in.

Sometimes we fall behind in updating the form.


Product Announcements:

[Apr 2014] Nickel Plated Moon Clips  newani-ezg-3.gif

We have added nickel plating to our premium line of moon clips.  Starting with the 38/357 8 shot. All thicknesses have a nickel plating option.  This adds about 0.001" to 0.002" to all dimensions.

Find more details here    357x8 Nickel

[Apr 2014] 868+ 7 Shot moon clip checkers  newani-ezg-3.gif

We finally have received a shipment of 7 shot moon clip checkers.  These are good for the S&W 686+  LINK

[Nov 2013] 357 Tube unloader  newani-ezg-3.gif

We have added a 10 1/2 inch tube unloader that properly fits the 38/357/9mm/40S&W cartridges. LINK

[Aug 2013] Speed Loaders and Loading Blocks

We've added many new products for the S&W 617 10 shot revolver.  Items such as loading blocks, loading block holders and kits that are a mix of products.  LINK

[Aug 2013] Moon Clip Holders

We've re-tooled our line of moon clip holders.  You won't notice the changes.  They are small but a whole lot easier to manufacturer.  We offer two basic models (single post and dual post) both in a short (45ACP) and tall (38/357) version.

Here are some links    Short            Tall      Frames and Posts

[Jun 2013] RS Premium Moon Clips

The Revolver Supply Company is pleased to announce our line of premium moon clips.  We've captured the design, control the entire manufacturing process and added our makers mark.

Please take a look at our offerings:  45ACP         357x8-020          357x8-025


PSA SHOOTOUT 2014. April 24-27, 2014.

A fun, fun, fun steel match with a great staff; and again we are a sponsor.  Here's a link to the info.  http://www.psashootout.com/   Sign up NOW.  See you there

One of the many videos available LINK

Walls of Steel 2014. August 22-24, 2014.

As much fun you can have with a gun. Great event and great staff.  Here's a link to the info.  http://wallsofsteel.com/   Sign up NOW.

Mass ICORE  LINK   April-Till the Snow Comes 2014

A fun match, 180+/- rounds, 6-9 stages done by noon, shoot it twice!!!

ICORE East Coast Regional Revolver Championship 12 October 2014

Get ready for a great match.  Can't make the IRC, shoot with the best this July.


Also a GREAT intorductory ICORE video at the link.

Complete ICORE Match Schedule 2014   LINK


Finding Revolver Matches.  

Folks are asking how to find revolver matches in their area.  I wish I could list them all.  I can't.  So here's a recipe to help you find them   LINK