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 Supplies for the Competition Revolver Shooter.

From Beginner to expert.


All Nickel Plated 45ACP moon clips are BACK IN stock.


Moon Clip Checker Sale Extended


Purchase a Moon Clip Checker of any caliber in the month of September or October 2014 and receive 20% more of any one caliber of Moon Clips.  The checker caliber and the moon clip caliber do not need to match.  If you purchase 2 different Moon Clips we will add 20% to the least expensive moon clip caliber ordered.  So choose wisely grasshopper.

No coupon codes to enter; we'll figure it out and if we don't you'll tell us about it.

Our Moon Clip Checkers  are a great addition to your shooting bag.  When you load up a moon clip at the range will it fit into the cylinder?  Before you put it in the ready to fire box, check its dimensions with the Moon Clip Checker.  You will then be sure that the assembly WILL fit into the revolver.



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Newsletter October 2014



Mail Order Form:               Here's a LINK

If you find a product on the web site but not on the mail order form, just write it in.  Sometimes we fall behind in updating the form.


New Product Announcements:

[Aug 2014] 8 Shot 9MM moon clipsnewani-ezg-3.gif newani-ezg-3.gif newani-ezg-3.gif

We have redesigned our FMC-38Superx8 moon clips to grip the rounds tighter  This moon clip works well with 9MM rounds.  They are in stock.  They have our Makers Mark (RS) and are available in Blued or Nickel plated finish.  Here's a LINK

[Aug 2014] Moon Clips for the Taurus 905 newani-ezg-3.gif

We have added moon clips for the Taurus 905  LINK   

These moon clips to not work in ALL revolvers.  So we've add an option to order 2 for testing.

[August 2014] 45 ACP RN 233 gn Coated Bullets newani-ezg-3.gif

We've added 233 gn RN bullets for the 45 ACP.  SHould have sample packages in inventory Mid August.   LINK

[July 2014] Ruger LCR 8  Speed Loaders, Loading Blocks and Loading Block Holders newani-ezg-3.gif

We've added complete support for the Ruger LCR 8.  LINK  We have Speed Loaders, Loading Blocks and Loading Block Holders.

[July 2014] Bullets in Bulk Packs with Shipping Included newani-ezg-3.gif

We have added BULK packaging to some of our bullets.  You get the maxium number of bullets we can fit in a medium rate box and shipping is included in the price.  135gn   160gn

[July 2014] Bullets newani-ezg-3.gif

Bullets specifically for revolvers. The data base is loaded, we're just waiting on sample packs of 100 from the manfacturer.  We plan to start with Round Nose (RN) 95,135,160 grain sized 356/357/358.  These are good for 9MM, 38Super and 38/357.  In August we'll add 45ACP. LINK

[May 2014] Nickel Plated Moon Clips for the 45ACP

We've added the nickel plating option for the 45ACP moon clips.  Here's a LINK

[May 2014] DS Equipment for the Ruger LCR 8

We have added DS Speed loader and loading block for the Ruger LCR 8.  LINK  Shortly we'll have our speed loader holders tooled for this revolver.


Mass ICORE  LINK   April-Till the Snow Comes 2014

A fun match, 180+/- rounds, 6-9 stages done by noon, shoot it twice!!!

New England Regional ICORE Championship 21 September 2014

These folks put on a GREAT match. I used to be there.  Here's a LINK to the entry form.

And Stages are posted.  STAGES

ICORE Northwest Regional Revolver Championship 27-28 September 2014

My first major match out west.  See you there.  Here's a LINK to the match application.

ICORE East Coast Regional Revolver Championship 12 October 2014

Get ready for a great match.  Can't make the IRC, shoot with the best this Fall.


Also a GREAT intorductory ICORE video at the link.

Match director  Tom Olewine

Complete ICORE Match Schedule 2014   LINK

Finding Revolver Matches.  

Folks are asking how to find revolver matches in their area.  I wish I could list them all.  I can't.  So here's a recipe to help you find them   LINK


 Completed Matches 2014

Walls of Steel 2014. August 22-24, 2014.

As much fun you can have with a gun. Great event and great staff.  Here's a link to the info.  http://wallsofsteel.com/   Sign up NOW.

Results should be up....See you there next year.

USPSA Utah State Handgun Championships 2014

August 28-31 in Salt Lake City Here's a link to their web site.  Look for this match.  LINK