Sight Adjustments

Posted by George on 24th Mar 2016

We've had a number of questions about changing sights and then how to adjust those new LPA sights.There are a number of publications and web

38/357 Moon Clip Thickness

Posted by George on 21st Jan 2016

How thick should my moon clip be for an 8 shot 357?We get asked this question a lot and the answer applies to 5, 6, 7 and 8 shot moon clippe

Moon Clip Holders

Posted by George on 5th Jan 2016

We make a line of products known as moon clip holders.  And they do just that.  They are a family of products that attach to your

Arbors and Moon Clips and Arbors

Posted by George on 19th Dec 2015

We get a lot of questions about what Arbor should I use.Most (perhaps all) of the moon clip loading tools on the market that use interchange
We're starting a blog.

We're starting a blog.

Posted by George on 17th Dec 2015

Hello AllTime to start a blog.  The plan is to share discussions about revolvers, moon clips, loading, unloading, and all other topics