Moon Clip Holders

Posted by George on 4th Jan 2016

We make a line of products known as moon clip holders.  And they do just that.  They are a family of products that attach to your belt and provide a place for you to put your moon clips.

First a little about our design.  We have 2 frames styles (single post and double post) in 2 sizes (tall and short).  On each post you can place 2 moon clips.  The moon clips are held in place on the frame by using friction between the frame and angle of the post.  This works well and is adjustable.  The posts are available in tall and short to match the frame sizes and in different diameters to match your moon clips.  You want the size of the post to fit the opening in the moon clip rather closely.

Here's a link to our frames and posts

The tall frames and posts are meant to be used with cartridges like the 38 Special and 357 Magnum.   We have seen customers using tall frames and posts to hold 3 moon clips of 9MM or 38 short colt on each post.

We have made up part numbers for the common combinations of frames and posts and offer quantity discounts.

Here's a link to our more standard configurations.

Competition features:  Because we offer single and dual post models you can place these holders across your belt in just the perfect position for your style.  

  • All in front perhaps 3 dual holders for a total of 6 posts and 12 moon clips.  (can't have a beer belly like me).
  • Dual holders perhaps 2 on the strong side depending on your reload technique.  Strong hand (never let go of the revolver) or switch hand (change hands with the revolver while reloading)  Just like Jerry!
  • One single post in the rear for loading up at the start of the stage or in case disaster strikes.

Shape of the top of the post:  Match directors try to defeat your best laid plans by coming up with unusual starting positions.  One common one is ammo on table in front of you.  Well, we designed the tip of each post so that a moon clip can easily be pushed right on to the holder.  With practice, takes a quick motion.

Concealed Carry:  While we did not design these holders for concealed carry we are finding hikers and outdoors enthusiasts using them successfully.  They are rugged, will hold moon clips if you fall, and have those moon clips ready to reload.