Moon Clip Checkers

Posted by George on 22nd Jun 2016

Have you ever been shooting a stage or attempting to reload during a match and the moon clip would NOT drop right into your cylinder?  I have and that threw me off for the rest of the stage and most of the rest of the match.  That's where our moon clip checkers come in.  These checkers are made to minimum dimensions.  You can be sure that if the moon clip fits into the checker it will absolutely fit into your cylinder.  

Checking a moon clips is a simple process.  I do it with all my loaded moon clips before a match but then as I rebuild moon clips it's a simple operation to check them.  Checking you moon clips in your cylinder is not permitted at a match and is not as good as using a moon clip checker.

We make them in many of the popular configurations.  Properly reamed chambers (even the 9MM is tapered as it should be).  Made on state of the art equipment.

Whenever we go to a match with seasoned revolver shooters, we are sure to bring sets of our checker.  These shooters have everything to shoot the match and always search us out for checkers.  Here's a LINK