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The Revolver Supply Company, LLC

Moon Clip Tool Instructions

Ultimate Moon Clip Tool:


   Disassemble: (replacing lever or pusher)

  1. Remove the arbor from the bolt by unscrewing…. (Figure 1B)

  2. Pull upwards on the deck to remove from the body…. (Figure 1B)

  3. Remove the 3 screws and the washers from the right side…. (Figure 1A)

  4. Pull the right side away from the lift side to separate…. (Figure 1A)


You have now disassembled your moon clip tool.


    You now see:

  1. Pin …. (Figure 2)

  2. Bolt …. (Figure 2)

  3. Pusher …. (Figure 2)

  4. Spring …. (Figure 2)


                                Replacing/changing the size of your pusher or lever:


  1. Lift the lever away from the pin and place your other lever in the same place. No biggie.


  1. Pusher? Remove the spring, and then remove the pusher. Place your new pusher in the same area, and then place your spring below it, in the designated area.





  1. Place all the pieces back in their designated areas (pin, lever, pusher, spring, and bolt.)

  2. You can slide the bolt to the close end if you have a J frame, or to the far side for everything else.

  3. Place the right side body onto the left side body in the correct alignment.

  4. Make sure all 3 washers are placed back into the screw holes, and then screw all 3 screws into their designated areas.

  5. Slide the deck back onto the Moon Clip Tool Body

  6. Screw your arbor back onto the bolt.




Below is the New Moon Clip Tool fully assembled.


                                                                      Figure 1A                                              Figure 1 B

                                                 img-1935.jpg                       img-1933.jpg              




Below is the New Moon Clip Tool Disassembled:


                                                                                                     Figure 2