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Pocket Moon Clip Tool

When shooting a moon clipped revolver, you seem to be continuously loading those moon clips.
You want a tool to make loading easier and faster. Here is just that tool.
This tool consists of a body with interchangeable arbors (or mandrels) so that one tool can load all the varieties of moon clips.
The arbors are made to hold the moon clips plumb, level, and square so the round is properly pushed into the moon clip.
There is no chance of bending the moon clip as it is loaded.
This tool also has the leverage to make inserting the round into the clip much easier and
a patented design that pushes the round directly into the moon clip.
This tool is meant to fit into your range bag and is perfect for topping up spent moon clips.
You may order additional (spare) arbors from the arbor page.
Most arbors from other manufacturers will fit on this tool.


Not sure what size arbor you need? CLICK HERE to find the right size!


Each pusher was designed for a specific moon clip.
But wait there's more.

We tested each combination of Pusher and moon clip and came up with the following table.
An entry on No means is just won't work.
An entry of Great means just that.
And an entry of Poor means it will work to get you out of a jam.

Pushers 1,3 and 4 are made for straight walled cases (St).
Pushers 2 and 5 are made for rimmed cases (Uc).
Pushers are also of different widths.
The underlined entries are what the pusher was designed for.


Moon Clip Size
  6 Shot 6 Shot 8 Shot 7 Shot 8 Shot 7 Shot 5 Shot 5 Shot
Pusher 45 ACP 40 S&W 9 MM 9 MM 38 357 38 357 38 357 9 MM
1 St Great Great No No No No No Great
2 Uc No No Great No Great Great No Poor
3 St No Great Great Great Poor Poor Great Great
4 St No No Poor Great Poor Poor Poor Great
 5 Uc No Poor Poor No No Poor Great Great